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What Makes a Good Auditor?


What Makes a Good Auditor?

Hiring a good auditor is definitely a daunting task that resonates with your business requirements or understands the needs of the organization. In this technological and digital world, it is important to assess the technical skills of an auditor to get the right one for your organization. Before you move on to learn the characteristics of a good auditor, you should be aware of what an auditor is and how they contribute to an organization’s success. Let’s dig deeper.

Who is an Auditor?

An auditor is a professional and a responsible person who oversees the financial statements, records, and internal affairs of an organization. These auditors follow the decorum set by the professional bodies to organize their work and help them to keep the track of their performance. With that said, there are two types of auditors; internal and external.

Below are some of the qualities of a good auditor that every business owner should look for to handover their small part of their business to a high-quality candidate.


Auditors must be competent enough to analyze the situation and then offer the best possible solutions to the firms and businesses. Experience is necessary to undertake and understand the complexity of a task. Some of their relevant skills include; strong aptitude of math’s, problem-solving skills, meticulous attention to detail, flair in the field of financial systems, data mining and analytics, and general IT skills are must. If an auditor lacks the basics of these skills then it’s better to discard and move on.

Communication Skills

A good auditor will always be an effective communicator that listens to both sides of the story and then presents their valuable suggestions. Since auditors will be working with a number of people, having this skill can sustain long-term relations, leading to strengthening the work environment to the core. It is imperative for an auditor to thoughtfully convey ideas, and suggestions for more effective collaboration. Otherwise, being a not good listener and grabbing lack of information can prove to be dangerous for business owners.

Time Management

This is another critical skill that an auditor must-have. Rightly scheduling the meetings, driving out the solutions in a given time frame with proper evidence. An auditor wouldn’t be spending consistent hours on a certain task, but they will fully comprehend the situation and then deploy their problem-solving skills to make the best out of the problem.


Auditors must be capable of making objective decisions and taking calculated risks to optimize the needs of an organization. An auditor is expected to perform a handful of research, collect data, and then make the decision based on the evidence to fully support it. Decision making skills are usually assessed on different stages and levels of difficulties. Therefore, having an auditor with impeccable decision-making skills is no less than a blessing.

Partnering or Team Partnering or Teamwork

Developing relationships with the internal audit colleagues can prove to be beneficial for organizations success. Multiple auditors devising a strategy would mean accumulation of golden ideas and innovative thinking. In this way, an informed decision is made, which has complete authority and credibility. More often than not, an auditor has to work in a team or with a group of members, so being a senior and having leadership skills can be valuable for business.

Final Words

Here you go with the qualities of an auditor. Ensure that an auditor should have these skills to optimize your organization and has the potential to step up your skill game. A handful of research before recruiting an auditor can prove to be significantly beneficial for you, as it can save you from conversing with inexperienced auditors and invaluable suggestions that might drown your business.