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How People Can Become an ISO 9001 Auditor?


How People Can Become an ISO 9001 Auditor?

A lot of people may be wondering what ISO 9001 certification is and there have been several misconceptions that have caused some confusion as to what it is really about. In simple terms, it is a standard that makes sure the reliability of organizations when it comes to client satisfaction and quality. It can be used with any kind of organization, whether it’s a business, a non-profit organization, or a government-related organization. This standard uses certain procedures that are backed up by precise principles of quality management systems (QMS), containing customer and process orientation, leadership principles, and building a good working relationship with the people involved within the organization. G-Certi has become a leading name in providing ISO services.

What should be the criteria to become an ISO auditor?

People might be looking at the probability of following a career as an ISO 9001 auditor, also recognized as a quality auditor. It is significant to note that there are precise supplies that are based on educational accomplishment, work experience, ISO 9001 lead auditor training, and the number of audits you have done. These necessities are dictated by certification organizations e.g. IRCA or RABQSA. It is typically essential for one to become a registered auditor if one will be tailing a career as an ISO 9001 auditor. For example, IRCA has the following necessities:

Secondary education

You should have achieved at least a secondary education.

General working experience

You would have at least 5 years of general working experience.

Work experience

You must have at least 2 years of quality-related work experience. These 2 years should have been mostly spent on quality-related work. If you have worked before as a quality inspector, quality assurance specialist, or manager, or quality engineer, then you meet this necessity.

ISO 9001 Training

You should complete the ISO 9001 training requirements. This is usually met by positively taking an ISO 9001 lead auditor course. This course is usually 5 days long and you will be asked to take a final exam at the end of the course. Learners are also assessed daily throughout the course.

Role of an auditor-in-training

You should have achieved the role of an auditor-in-training and accomplish 4 audits with a total duration of at least 20 days. Not less than 10 of these 20 days should be disbursed at the actual site of the auditee. To perform these types of audits, you may need to contact the certifying office for assistance.

The career of a quality auditor heavily relies on his or her work experience. You are required to have quality-related work experience before becoming an ISO 9001 auditor. Another choice would be to become a consultant and offer recommendations or advice for the upgrading of quality-related areas. As long as you are devoted, passionate, and willing to learn, a lot is in store for you if you select to pursue a career as an ISO 9001 auditor.


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