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Certification Mark Policy

Certification Mark Policy

GCERTI registered clients are authorized and encouraged to use the GCERTI certification marks to promote their achievement. Organizations can only use the logo in reference to the provision of goods and services contained within their scope of certification. The marks can be used widely, but please note that there are regulations to their use, specifically to the marks which carry the IAS logo.

Using Certification Marks

The use of any of the management certification marks on products is strictly prohibited.

In case of incorrect reference to Certification status or misleading use of certification documents or marks, GCERTI may request corrective actions, suspension or withdrawal of certificate, publication of the transgression or, if necessary, legal action

Where such a statement is used, it shall include reference to:

  • Identification (e.g. brand or name) of the certified client;
  • The type of management system (e.g. quality, environment) and the applicable standard;
  • The name of certification body i.e. GCERTI Co., Ltd.

Example: “Manufactured by ABC Co., Ltd. whose quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by GCERTI”.

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) Mark


If you have any questions on the certification mark, please contact GCERTI